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Psychology: MA, MSc, PhD

Our Applied Social Psychology field has a strong social justice orientation and is best suited to students who wish to investigate social processes and problems, in areas that include: health and illness, gender, violence, prejudice, inequality, cooperation, culture, immigration, intergroup relations, science and technology. 

The Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology field follows a scientist-practitioner model in which an integrated series of courses and practica at the Master’s and Doctoral levels collectively contributes to the acquisition of competence as both clinicians and researchers. 

Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology is the study of how people behave at work. More specifically, I-O psychologists are interested in such topics as: recruiting and hiring the best people, improving employee skills, developing performance appraisal and reward systems, ensuring fair workplace procedures, motivating employees, fostering team work, leadership, and employee well-being.

Neuroscience provides training for students interested in the integrative functioning of the mind and brain. Students are given specific research and course training in their research field and are exposed to broader interdisciplinary research through the Research Seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science. 

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